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Membership by organizations or congregations entails:

  • An in-kind donation or a pledge of financial support of any amount you regard as comfortably within your outreach budget.
  • Designating a representative from your church or organization to serve on our board of directors.
  • Furnishing a convenient number of volunteers to serve as drivers, shoppers, etc.

Current Partners

  • Alamo Heights United Methodist Church 
  • Chapels of Fort Sam Houston
  • Christ Episcopal Church
  • Christ Lutheran Church
  • Church of the Resurrection Episcopal
  • Laurel Heights United Methodist Church
  • MacArthur Park Lutheran Church
  • San Antonio Jewish Senior Services
  • St. Anthony de Padua Catholic Church
  • St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  • St. Mark Catholic Church
  • St. Pius X Catholic Church
  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church
  • Windcrest United Methodist Church
  • ​Law Offices of Dominic Negron
  • Morningside Ministries 


In 2016, NESA had 440 clients, made 6,132 trips which included 2,866 trips to medical appointments, 1,122 trips to grocery shopping, 559 telephone reassurance calls, 478 Handy Helper trips, and 1,666 trips to functions and other services. NESA's 117 Volunteers reported 8,301 hours of service in 2016.

" One of the most important things we need to do is to show the elderly they are special and very much wanted. Being a part of NESA enables us to better reach out to this exceptional age group."

Pastor Paul Ziese

MacArthur Park Lutheran Church

"We consider NESA a positive force in the community and welcome the opportunity to help it continue its mission."

Community Outreach Committee

St. Thomas Episcopal Church 


A Community Outreach for Older People

Helping those who have become invisible to society.”

A Community Outreach for Older People

“Empowering Seniors to Live Independently”


Joining us to Help Others

We are ecumenical outreach organization with whom you can partner with to expand your outreach to the seniors in your community.

For congregations, we will become your senior outreach. We will manage/coordinate care to your elderly parishioners. NESA has volunteer insurance so that you won't need to purchase your own.

We also welcome Organizations, who have a soft spot in their hearts for the elderly, to partner with NESA!